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  1. Tromba Blanco Tequila 750ml
    Tromba Blanco Tequila 750ml

    From the highest point of Los Altos, Tromba Blanco is the epitome of great highland tequila. Like all Tromba tequilas, it is made exclusively from hand-selected blue agave, and is lovingly crafted in small batches, resulting in a silky, light, sweet and refreshing tequila that is wonderfully pure and spicy.

    Signature Serve
    1oz Tromba Blanco
    3oz Grapefruit soda
    Squeeze of lime
    Cracked pepper
    Cucumber ribbons or grapefruit wedge. Build all ingredients over ice in a tall glass and charge with grapefruit soda. Garnish with a wedge of grapefruit or a cucumber ribbon and cracked pepper.

  2. Monkey Shoulder Whiskey 700ml
    Monkey Shoulder Whiskey 700ml
    The nose is nice and sweet with sherry, not quite ripe plum, cinnamon sprinkled baked pears (pretentious, I know, but I think that describes it better than pear and cinnamon separately), butterscotch, barley and strawberry. There is also a distinctively Bourbon-esque vanilla note. Very pleasant nose, I would rate it highly amongst blends so far as aroma goes. The palate is surprisingly tangy with a heathery/sweet nutty honey sweetness which is paired with tinned fruit, citrus and mint. Towards the end you’ll also notice some oak notes and orange peel which stay in the finish which is medium-long. The nose is more impressive, but the palate has nothing to be ashamed of. I could see this going really well in a Rob Roy, actually.

    A blended Scotch from William Grant, Monkey Shoulder features a proportion of whisky from Kininvie, Balvenie and Glenfiddich. The nose is of medium-body and quite sweet. There are notes of milkshake, spice, a touch of strawberry jam and a little barley sweetness. The palate is of medium-body and quite well-balanced. There are notes of mint and crème anglaise, a distinct fruit salad note with honeyed sweetness. The finish is of medium-length with developing oak.
  3. Delord 1983 Bas Armagnac (700ml)
    Delord 1983 Bas Armagnac (700ml)
    Delord is siturated in Bas-Armagnac, in the village of Lannepax, the ancestral home of the Delord family who have been distilling for generations. Their pride and joy is their old Sier Armagnac alambics, which produce less than 30 litres of eau-de-vie an hour. their cellars contain some incredibly old and treasured vintages and include more than 700 oak barrels that protect and age the Armagnac eau-de-vie dating from the 20th Century to the present day.

    The 1983 is in a lovely spot with plenty of time under its belt to give that mellow, rancio richness and buttery soft palate with poached pear dried red fruits, pastry and more grilled hazelnut on lurking in the background. While it is plump and soft it still feels lively with a gentle zing and freshness.
  4. Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin (700ml)
    Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin (700ml)

    Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin is crafted to deliver the best of all worlds: a perfect, classic gin and also something that would fascinate and delight even the most hardened gin fanatic. It’s spicy but with great citrus, a truly modern Australian gin.

    Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin captures the essence of contemporary Australia’s heritage in Europe and Asia. We’re using whole oranges which is unusual but Australian citrus is highly aromatic and supports the spicier botanicals like cardamom.

    The cinnamon and star anise add rich fruitcake tones, the Tasmanian pepperberry leaf provides warmth rather than heat, and the lemon myrtle is a beautiful alternative to lemon peel.

    Our Rare Dry Gin has been awarded medals at a number of prestigious international competitions: Double Gold in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2014 and 2016, Silver in the London International Wine & Spirits Competition 2014, and Gold at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition 2014.  fourpillarsgin.com.au

  5. Mr Black Coffee Liqueur (700ml)
    Mr Black Coffee Liqueur (700ml)
    Mr Black is coffee liqueur is locally made artisan spirit crafted at a small distillery on the NSW Central Coast. Mr Black only uses cold-pressed, specialty single-origin coffee beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Papua New Guinea to craft this gold-medal winning liqueur. The bold and fresh coffee flavour, Mr Black burst onto the cocktail scene several years ago and has fast become one of the top local spirits with plenty of international accolades under its belt.  The bottle design is as striking as the liqueur is smooth.
  6. Michter's US*1 Single Barrel Rye Whiskey (700ml)
    Michter's US*1 Single Barrel Rye Whiskey (700ml)
    A well balanced and solid drinking Rye out of Louisville, Kentucky. Each bottling comes from a single barrel and with the limited production these can be sometimes difficult to get. With not quite the demand in Australia that you see in the USA we are lucky enough to keep these on the shelf for the most part. Michters unusually, fill barrels at a much lower proof then most other bourbons and whiskeys and uses a fairly unique heat cycling warehousing system for their barrels which add more richness, complexity and flavour. A spicy and peppery nose, with hints of mint and fresh cut hay. The medium to rich palate is long, lightly sweet and carries its lovely charry/spicy oak barrel flavours beautifully. PWS
  7. Frederic Mestreau (Grosperrin Selection) 40% VS 700ml
    Frederic Mestreau (Grosperrin Selection) 40% VS 700ml
    Guilhem Grosperrin to resurrected one of the greats houses of the of Cognac Mestreau Cognac. In 2010, he was given an opportunity to purchase 250 bottles of early nineteenth-century Cognacs from the personal collection of Abel Mestreau and with that Frederic Mestreau was reborn.

    Today the operation is based in the town of Saintes, located a little outside of Cognac and continues to produce some of the best value, highest quality cognacs of the region.

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