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  1. Turin Vermouth Tuve Bitter 25% 700ml
    Turin Vermouth Tuve Bitter 25% 700ml
    A bitter obtained from a skilful work through infusion in a water-alcohol solution with well-balanced roots and herbs, aromatic plants and citrus fruit that give the product a classic taste, round, harmonious with fruity and lightly bitter sensations that make it unique in its kind.
    Clear, transparent, classic red color; its perfect mixability makes it an ideal base for the preparation of cocktails of higher quality. TUVE TURIN
  2. Erba Volant Chinato 750ml
    Erba Volant Chinato 750ml
    This is where it all began for Sergio and Lorenzo. Both being grape-growers and winemakers, most of the botanicals, fruit and grapes/wine for their products are sourced within the Nizza zone in Monferrato. Unlike Barolo Chinato, the Erba Volant Chinato is based on Barbera, a variety regarded most at home in Nizza, and one that works superbly due to its refreshing brightness and acidity.

    Blended with their in-house mix of aromatic herbs, including cardo gobbo di Nizza Monferrato (a regional vegetable - also called 'hunchback thistle' due to the cultivation technique - and a key component of bagna cauda). After around 9 months of maceration, the herbs and spices (along with pure alcohol and sugar) are added to the Barbera. This has notes of bitter orange, anise, cinnamon and a delicate touch of vanilla. 16% alc.
    Barbera, Bitters
  3. Erba Volant Bitter 750ml
    Erba Volant Bitter 750ml
    In the words of Sergio and Lorenzo, their Aromatico Bitter is a "collision… made by mixing cold with heat, bitter with sweet, bright red with the brown tones of the earth". With a partially different mix than for the Chinato, here we have a neutral alcohol, sugar, distilled water and a natural infusion of aromatic herbs, which include gentian, cinchona, liquorice, wild cherry and cardo gobbo. Initially packed with bitter herbs, this cocktail of medicinal goodies moves into a typical bittersweet taste, with marked notes of fresh fruit and spices. 25% alc.
  4. PWS Martini's at Home
    PWS Martini's at Home
    There is a slight twist on this world-famous cocktail with the addition of some Reagan's bitters to jazz up this classic. If you have never tried this then trust us, you will never look back.

    Of course, it has to be Martin Millers Westbourne because, well, you know, it's just better and it's hard to go past Dollin Dry Vermouth from Chamberay for it's bright, fresh aromas and bitter/sweet cut.
    A twist of lemon and you are set. Voila!

    All packs come with a recipe card. Garnish not included.
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  5. Poli Negroni pack
    Poli Negroni pack
    Poli are best known for there fine range of premium Grappa, liquers and distillates from North east Italy. Established in 1898 this quality producer has over a 100 years' experience with distilling. Recently they have produced a unique Gin - MARCONI 46. Artisanaly distilled and obtained from a unique infusion of juniper berries, muscat grape, mountain pine, cembra pine, mint, cardamom and coriander reminding of the Asiago plateau in the north of the Veneto region, where the Poli family comes from. This is a heady and perfumed gin that is at once powerful and refined. A truly unique product that speaks of its home in the hills and of the philosophy of this family run operation.

    In addition to this month's Italian Mixed dozen we thought we would like to offer a Negroni pack featuring this incredible product. We have matched it with our very own Vermouths and Bitters from its western counterpart Turin Vermouth. Their philosophy is to maintain tradition through the production while sourcing aromats and herbs from all over the world and based on the local wines of the Piemonte's hills. Together this forms once of the world great classic cocktail- the Negroni.

    This classic was first created for Count Camillo Negroni in 1919 at Florence's Café Casoni.  A century later and millions of Negroinis, and this has sealed itself as one of the world's greatest classics. Below is the deceptively simple and delicious cocktail. We have included 2 bottles each of the Turin Bitters and the Drapo Rosso Vermouth so once you have gone through your first bottle of Marconi 46 all you have to do is grab another bottle or choose any one of your favourite local or international gins.


    1 oz. Italian Bitters
    1 oz. Gin
    1 oz. Sweet vermouth


    Stir Tuve Bitters, gin, and vermouth in an ice-filled tumbler; garnish with orange slice.
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