World’s Top Ten Iconic Wine Shops


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  1. Peroni Nastro Azzuro 330ml Bottle
    Peroni Nastro Azzuro 330ml Bottle

    Brewed from the finest spring planted barley malts, has a unique balanced taste with a delicate aroma arising from the hops of the most exclusive varieties. Young, balanced and sparkling, Nastro Azzurro is the beer for the knowledgeable and demanding punter. - Birra Peroni Industriale (SABMiller)

    This beer is something special.The first glass I poured for this review could have easily been mistaken for a glass of champagne had it not been poured into a pilsner glass.The beers colour is probably one of the lightest shades of yellow I have ever seen.It’s taste starts off bitter and dry and then transitions into a slightly fruity aftertaste.There isn’t much of a beer smell other than that given off by the hops.Peroni makes for an easy drinking beer.

  2. 4 Pines Pale Ale
    4 Pines Pale Ale
      Copper - amber, hazy. Aroma: fruity with hints of citrus and tropical fruit. Palate: upfront fruity notes are balanced by sound malt weight and lively bitterness.
    WILLIE SIMPSON, Good Living

    A beer crammed with four varieties of American hop and a hefty malt bill that results in a deep amber beer with a touch of ruby. The hops give you aromas of pine and grapefruit before the malt gives way to a solid bitter finish. CRAFTYPINT.COM
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