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  1. Frederic Mestreau (Grosperrin Selection) 40% VS 700ml
    Frederic Mestreau (Grosperrin Selection) 40% VS 700ml
    Guilhem Grosperrin to resurrected one of the greats houses of the of Cognac Mestreau Cognac. In 2010, he was given an opportunity to purchase 250 bottles of early nineteenth-century Cognacs from the personal collection of Abel Mestreau and with that Frederic Mestreau was reborn.

    Today the operation is based in the town of Saintes, located a little outside of Cognac and continues to produce some of the best value, highest quality cognacs of the region.

    Special Price $112.00 Regular Price $125.00
  2. Andre Clouet V6 Experience NV
    Andre Clouet V6 Experience NV

    Jean-Francois describes pinot noir as entering a phase he dubs 'The Whirlwind' in its sixth year of maturation. The rest of his inspiration is impossible to put into words, but clicking on 'Cuvee Design Specification' on his website will put you on the right trajectory. For the exuberance of Bouzy pinot noir and not inconsiderable age, the freshness packed into this cuvee is something to behold. Grapefruit tang meets crunchy red apple fruit, contrasting the generosity and spice of the village and the tension of zero dosage. Get on board. Tyson Stelzer

    Special Price $100.00 Regular Price $120.00
  3. Rizzi Barbaresco Nervo Fondetta 2017
    Rizzi Barbaresco Nervo Fondetta 2017
    Rose, violet and perfumed berry aromas lead the nose followed by whiffs of camphor and culinary spice. Full bodied, supremely elegant and surprisingly fresh for the hot vintage, the savory palate delivers ripe Marasca cherry, crushed raspberry, licorice and crushed mint alongside taut, refined tannins. Fresh acidity keeps it impeccably balanced. Drink 2022–2032. (95) KERRIN O'KEEFE, www.wineentusiast.com

    The south-facing Nervo vineyard is located at an altitude of over 300 metres, which may account for its elegance. Ernesto Dellapiana and his son Enrico produce wines with a light touch, and their Nervo is aged in concrete tanks as well as casks. The red-fruit nose is intense and pure, and the attack supple and silky. There's a taut structure here, and fine acidity that keeps it lively and peppery. This wine is marked by energy, stylishness, and persistence. STEPHEN BROOK, Decanter
    Special Price $93.00 Regular Price $110.00
  4. April Mixed Dozen 2021 - Autumn Drinking: 40 Degrees South
    April Mixed Dozen 2021 - Autumn Drinking: 40 Degrees South
    There are only a select few, perfect locations, to grow great wine on this big blue orb of ours and those are between 30 and 50 degrees north and south latitudes. Those regions need to provide just the right temperature, humidity, heat and climate to grow high quality grapes. We are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to the northern reaches with the whole of Europe at our disposal, but travel further south and things are a little different.

    While New Zealand and Tasmania provide us with plenty of choices (and we would be remiss not to include them) the southern reaches sitting on and just below the 40 degrees latitude offer a up a wholy unique drinking experience.

    While grapes like riesling, cabernet and pinot noir are familiar to us, a number of the wines in this months pack aren't seen so regularly on your local wines list or on the shelves of your corner wine store. From Malbec's in Argentina to the infamous Pinotage and the more classic varietals like Chenin in South Africa this is an exploration of all that is good in these great southern lands of ours.

    Where do we start with such an awesome selection of interesting wine? It's hard to decide we might just do a quick run down by country.

    South America is relatively new to the wine scene but has come along in leap and bounds. WE start with a couple of classics with the Finca Los Moras Malbec and the Santa Ana Cabernet. These are text book varietal wines with plenty to love in their up-front fruit and modern styling. For something a little different we through in the Bouchon pais. For those who do not know, Pais is an old variety that is Chile's answer to pinot noir. With a little more bite and a wild flourish this a great introduction to this fascinating wine.

    Closer to home in New Zealand we have few classic drops with the Palliser Estate Pencarrow pinot. A wine you would be hard pressed to find with the structure, concentration and complexity at the same price. Off to Hawkes Bay for some stonking Chardonnay from Bilancia fame and some of the world most underrated syrah from stars Te Mata. What a treat!

    Just in our backyard, Tassie continues to pump out some of the best wine in the country and while we would never miss out on showcasing another great pinot there is some real winners with pinot gris and riesling on the rise. The Moores Hill gris is a freat example of textural and vibrant gris from the Apple Isle with the Riversdale riesling hot on its tale.

    And for something a little different we have got the latest release Willie Smiths Cider. This is an absolute belter, and we couldn't help but included it once we were told it had been released. Perfect timing! We will take that one!

    Last, and something we don't see much in Aus is a cracking selection of wines from South Africa. Long-term customers may recognise some of these wines and as far as we are concerned, they are some of the best modern day Cape wines to make it over. The Bare Bones cinsault is a zippy red full of energy while the Winery of Good Hope pinotage is a juicy and fun take on this classic red variety,

    And what would a selection of wine from South Africa be without a chenin blanc. The Secateurs is clean and crunchy with a plush fruit profile that is cleaned up by chenin's zippy acidity.
    All in al a pretty awesome and exciting collection of stellar wines from the great south!

    $255.00 Regular Price $316.00
  5. Balcombe Coastal Gin + Tonic Pack
    Balcombe Coastal Gin + Tonic Pack

    Balcombe is the brain-child of Barney Flanders and Cam Marshal. A coastal inspired Gin from there home in the Mornington Peninsula. Barney is the man behind Garagiste Vitners and together with Cam have created one of Australia's best and most unique gin's.

    Balcombe is composed from 20 different botanicals and contains unique ingredients like foraged Samphire, Saltbush, Kelp, Wild Fennel, and Wild Fennel Pollen from the Mornington Peninsula to give a true coastal flavour.

    We have also included Java Long Pepper, Blood Orange, Lemon Verbena, two types of Coriander and Ginger for complexity with plenty of Juniper to balance all of those big coastal flavours.

    Grain Spirit base. Great neat, with tonic or in cocktails. Grain Spirit base. Great neat, with tonic or in cocktails.

    We prefer to serve Balcombe with a drier tonic as the iodine and saline character tends to enhance the tonic's sweetness so a pair-up with Strangelove's Light Tonic is a match made in heaven.

    $95.00 Regular Price $114.00
  6. March Premium 6-pack 2021 - Italy: North vs South
    March Premium 6-pack 2021 - Italy: North vs South
    It's a battle royal of North vs South for our second premium pack where the only winner is going to be you! From the warm southern coast to the rolling hills of the verdant north, Italy's multitude of breathtaking terroir and incredible indigenous varieties is one to impress.

    This is an exciting little pack, something a little different with some cracking little wines brand new to the country, some Prince Wine Store classics and a couple of wines, we know, you will be happily and wonderfully surprised by.

    From the north we start with one of the best new wines we have seen in a while. The Battiselle le Battiselle Soave is such a beautiful Soave. This is the second vintage of this to hit our shores and we missed the tiny allocation last time but certainly won't this time. You are in for a treat as we think this is one of best Soave's, if not, best white wine from Italy in some time.

    Next up is the La Dama Vini Superiore. A nuanced and pretty style Valpolicella from a modern and thoughtful producer. Also relatively new to the country this see's the skins of the Amarone ferment added to the Valpolicella to add an extra depth and richness that you do not normally see from the Classico versions. 

    Last is the king of red wine in Italy and the Mauro Veglio Barolo Gattera. Both the vineyard and the vintage favour this release with so much immediate appeal straight our of the gate. Veglio is turning back the use of oak and we are reaping the benefits for the change in tack. All the generosity is still there of the house style but with even more clarity and verve.

    From the south we start with the Petila Greco di Tufo. This is another family estate that has only relatively recently started to bottle under their own label. This come from an elevated plot of old vines and see's some extended ageing and subtle barrel work. The zingy greco grape keeps it liveliness while the extra time in bottle has built and layered the wine.

    We would be hard pressed not to include an Etna Rosso in the pack and we are so lucky that our choices here in Aus are so exceptional.  Giuseppe Tornatore spent much of the early 2000s sourcing some of the regions best plots which has proved to be an insightful move with, now some of the most highly sought after vineyards in his holding and what seems like an unstoppable thirst for his wines.

    The last wine of the list is a real treat and was such a surprise for us in a recent tasting. This hails from foothills of Mt Vesuvias and in fact the vineyards overlook the famous ruins of Pompei. Unsurprisingly the wine reflects in origins and is an intriguing blend of piedirosso and aglianico that greets you with its smokey and charred fruit overlayed with dried and broody fruits.
    $270.00 Regular Price $350.00
  7. The Prince Non Alcoholic Negroni Pack
    The Prince Non Alcoholic Negroni Pack
    We are stoked to introduce two relative newcomers to the non-alcoholic drink's scene. Both have been innovators in their fields and their products have caused a huge splash in the scene.

    Lyre's offer the full suite of bar staples to make your own classic favourites as a no-alcohol options simply by selecting from the many Lyre's variants in their extensive range. They craft their spirits to taste just like the classics they pay homage to and source the finest all-natural essences, extracts and distillates from the four corners of the globe using cutting edge food science to craft the range.

    Just down the road the crew at Brunswick Aces have been just as busy with their incredible selection of sapir's or non-alcoholic gins.

    The processes used to make sapiir is a more traditional approach to and the methods used are centuries old, originating in the early distillation work developed across Europe and the Middle East around the 17th Century.

    Books such as "the art of distillation" by John French, published in London in 1651, clearly outline many of the processes still used today to extract the delicate aromatic elements of botanicals used to give sapiir its unique flavour profiles.

    Both the Gins and Sapir's are lovingly hand-crafted at their distillery and tasting room in Brunswick with each botanicals individually extracted and then finally blended to form the highest quality product. The range consists of the Hearts and Spades currently but watch out for more as these local heroes continue to grow.

    It was 1919, and Count Camillo Negroni decided his favourite cocktail the Americano needed a little something extra. He swapped out the soda water for gin and thus the Negroni was born. This classic aperitif may look like a sweet, Italian orange treat, but like a gate-crashing pack of weasels - it’s crafty, a little bitter and full of surprises.
    30mL Brunswick Ace Hearts Sapir
    30mL Lyre's Apéritif Rosso
    30mL Lyre's Italian Orange
    Stir briefly over fresh cubed ice
    Old fashioned
    Orange slice
    $130.00 Regular Price $144.00
  8. Bellenda Cosi  È Col Fondo - Buy 12 get 6 FREE
    Bellenda Cosi È Col Fondo - Buy 12 get 6 FREE
    Black Friday Special - Limited stocks

    Here the secondary fermentation in bottle is encouraged by the addition of unfermented must (juice) of the same wine. The wine does not undergo disgorgment and so retains the natural yeast sediment which, if disturbed, gives the wine a slightly hazy appearance. This is a nod to the traditional styles of the region enjoyed by the Cosmo family in the days of their parents and grandparents. It presents with a slightly softer profile and more subtlety of character than some of the other cuvees. For me it is the kind of wine that you want to pop at the start of a long lunch or dinner with friends, it is eminently digestible and provides serious ease for consumption. ROSCOE
    $420.00 Regular Price $630.00
  9. Dockyard G+T Pack
    Dockyard G+T Pack

    A pack containing the brilliant Dockyard Copper Rivet Gin and a 4 pack of Strangelove No. 8 Tonic. Summer is covered!

    The distillery is a relatively new operation headed by Bob Russell and sons, Matthew and Stephen. It is unique in several senses but first off it is housed in a Victorian-era pumphouse in the now derelict Chatham Dockyard south of London. The dockyard was at one time of huge importance to the Empire building ships for the Royal Navy from Napoleonic times through to the Falklands. The pumphouse # 5 was used to pump out water for the dry docks. Russell saw an opportunity to revitalise a magnificent piece of English architecture, give some locals a job and indulge his passion for making bespoke spirits. To do this he decided to take the road less travelled in distilling and instead of buying in bulk spirit to make his Gin

    Italian Juniper berries, locally sourced elderflower, Bulgarian Coriander seeds, Spanish orange peel, Italian lemon peel, Guatemala green cardamom, grains of paradise from Africa, European Angelica root and Orris root, our own neutral grain spirit and Kentish chalk filtered water.

    $105.00 Regular Price $129.40
  10. The Jade Lily - Bubbles
    The Jade Lily - Bubbles

    What could be better than a glass of bubbles and a great book. This pack pairs our ever popular 2A Bubbles with the best-selling new release from Kirsty Manning - The Jade Lily, an evocative tale set in Shanghai during World War Two. Kirsty is Alex's wife and the writing is full of food, travel and things we love at Prince Wine Store. Full retail value is $45 a perfect little gift solution.

    The Jade Lily - by Kirsty Manning
    This is a rich, sensual, and evocative novel, fragrant with the smell of crushed herbs and flowers, and haunted by the high cost that women must sometimes pay to find both love and their vocation.' Kate Forsyth

    '...compelling, passionate and admirable.' Australian Women's Weekly

    In 2016, fleeing London with a broken heart, Alexandra returns to Australia to be with her grandparents, Romy and Wilhelm, when her grandfather is dying. With only weeks left together, her grandparents begin to reveal the family mysteries they have kept secret for more than half a century.

    In 1939, two young girls meet in Shanghai, the 'Paris of the East': beautiful local Li and Viennese refugee Romy form a fierce friendship. But the deepening shadows of World War Two fall over the women as Li and Romy slip between the city's glamorous French Concession and the desperate Shanghai Ghetto. Eventually, they are forced separate ways as Romy doubts Li's loyalties.

    After Wilhelm dies, Alexandra flies to Shanghai, determined to trace her grandparents' past. As she peels back the layers of their hidden lives, she begins to question everything she knows about her family - and herself.

    A gorgeously told tale of female friendship, the price of love, and the power of hardship and courage to shape us all.

    $39.00 Regular Price $45.00
  11. Saint Pierre 2018
    Saint Pierre 2018

    Perhaps the least known of the Saint Julien Chateaux, Saint Pierre is one of the most underestimated classified growths of Bordeaux.  Located right behind the township, the wine scored consistently well, releasing at a justifiable higher prices this vintage that still lets consumers put the lack of recognition to use.  -Tom Portet
    The deep garnet-purple colored 2018 Saint-Pierre displays shy scents of rose hip tea, dried mint, crushed rocks and lavender to begin, opening out to a growing core of warm blackcurrants, baked blackberries and Morello cherries plus wafts of garrigue and wild sage. Full-bodied and absolutely laden with black fruits and provocative mineral sparks, it has a firm texture of grainy tannins and plenty of freshness, finishing long and savory.Lisa Perotti Brown 94-96
    A powerful, virile wine, the 2018 Saint-Pierre is also one of the highlights of the vintage. Black cherry, graphite, smoke, leather, menthol, violet and spice meld together in a brooding, tannic Saint-Julien that is going to need a bit of time to truly come into its own. Saint-Pierre is muscular, massively tannic and forbidding, and yet there is a ton of fruit behind all of that structure. Cabernet Sauvignon features heavily in the blend, and that comes through in the wine's flavor profile and overall feel. Readers will have to be patient. I can't wait to taste it from bottle. The 2018 is 77% Cabernet Sauvignon and 23% Merlot. Antonio Galloni 92-95


    Cabernet Blends
    Special Price $138.40 Regular Price $173.00
  12. Mauro Veglio Barolo Paiagallo 2017
    Mauro Veglio Barolo Paiagallo 2017

    Mauro Veglio's property in Paiagallo is at mid-altitude in what is called Vigna San Sebastiano, bordering Terlo, to which it is closer in style than the opposite side of the MGA. Garnet in colour, it has notes of watermelon, earthy strawberry and lemon leaf. Elegance and freshness prevail over the powerful palate. Nevertheless, it is full bodied, well extracted and with sweet tannins. Citrus notes and liquorice emerge on the finish. ALDO FIORDELLI, www.decanter.com

    The 2017 Barolo Paiagallo is the most open and racy of Veglio's 2017. Ripe red cherry, kirsch, dried flowers, orange peel and cinnamon all develop as the 2017 opens in the glass. This is an especially ripe, forward Barolo, but it also has a bit better balance in its tannins. ANTONIO GALLONI

    In this wine you glimpse the future of the estate. The lack of smaller oak here reveals a more open profile of red fruits, florals and fruit tannins (not oak tannins) which give life and an entirely different shape to the structural profile. The tannins are saturated and enlivening. I simply love this wine and it occurs to me it's the kind of wine which is the reason you drink Barolo. MICHAEL MCNAMARA, PWS

    Special Price $160.00 Regular Price $190.00
  13. July Premium 6-pack 2021 - Le Tour French 6-pack
    July Premium 6-pack 2021 - Le Tour French 6-pack
    It's been a while but it's time again for one of the sport world's most gruelling events - The Tour de France. We have in years past done this as a mixed dozen but this year we have got a cracking 6-pack that you can follow along with as the tour progresses from the comfort of your living room couch. If we can't be there in person then we can at least be there in spirit!

    This year we are starting in the Loire Valley with a quick stop in Burgundy before heading off to tackle the long climb and final ascent to the Val Claret. After that we make our way south to the warm reaches of the Rhone valley where we continue west into the Midi and through some of France most rustic and picturesque country. And lastly, on to Bordeaux!

    Stage 7,  Vierzon to Le Creusot - 248k
    Domaine de Bellene St Romain Blanc 2019, Burgundy
    A brand-new climb, never use by the TDF and the longest stage of all the stages. A good white Burgundy to celebrate seems like the way to go.

    Stage 6, Tours to Chateaxroux - 144k
    Caves de Pouilly  Les Tuileries Sur Loire Rouge 2018, Coteaux du Giennois
    Flat and suited to sprinters weaving through the vineyards of the Loire - how appropriate indeed!

    Stage 10, Albertville to Valence - 191k
    Berthollier Roussette de Savoie Altesse 2019, Savoie
    The doorway to the Alps and at the footstep of the Savoie resorts. Kick back and relax in the beautiful Albertville watching the riders fly by while you sip your crispy glass of white.

    Stage 11, Sorgues to Malaucene - 199k
    Charvin Cotes du Rhone Le Poutet 2019
    Two ascents of Mont Ventoux! Yikes! First the easy way then the steep. One for the climbers. Well, when in Rome, or in this case Rhone, then drink one of the tastiest Rhones around - wa la!

    Stage 17, Muret to Saint-Lary-Soulan Col du Portet - 178k
    Cosse Maisonneuve Cahors La Fage 2016, Cahor
    A tough day that finishes with 3 obstacles in a row - the Col du Peyresourder, the Col de Val Louron-Azet and last the Col du Portet. Rustic and striking just like this beautiful Cahor.

    Stage 20, Libourne to Saint Emilion - 31k
    Chateaux Montravel Rouge, Montravel
    Another rip through the vineyards with individual time trials. One of the funnest and fastest of the Tour. What do you drink? Merlot, 100%, all the way - and you haven't had merlot like this! Delic!
    $250.00 Regular Price $311.00
  14. July Premium 6-pack 2021 - Gaga for Grenache
    July Premium 6-pack 2021 - Gaga for Grenache
    How good is grenache!? Here in Australia, there has been a renaissance of sorts and we have been producing some of the best examples now that we have in decades. Access to some the worlds oldest planting has certainly been an advantage but a move towards fresher and brighter styles has been a welcome change.

    Outside of that it wouldn't be hard to argue that France is the varietals spiritual home with the southern Rhone taking the lead. However, Spain is hot on its heals with its own grenache revival going on. Wines being produced from crazy old bush vines and sandy soils has got us pretty excited of late so watch this space.

    And lets not forget grenache isn't only red with this months pack featuring a cheeky grenache gris, a treat, a pleasant surprise and something a little different of couse.

    We have a cheeky one to start with a white grenache gris blend. The wines of Mas Amile are probably more associated with their excellent vin doux natural sweet wines based around there incredible holdings of grenache. Outside of that they make to Rousillon blends based around grenache and grenache gris. This is wonderfully textured with its citrus and grapefruit pithiness balanced by juicy white fruit and a gentle lemon peel lift. It has lovely weight and texture making it a perfect white for winter.

    From Mont Redon we have one of the best releases of his Gigondas yet. From 2016 Pierre Fabre has taken sole direction for the estate and is doing everything to make this one of the greatest domaines in the south. If this is an example of where it heading we are happily along for the ride.
    Spain is representing with this cracking little 100% garnacha from the Nekeas Valley and 60 year old bush vines. The extreme climate of the region gives this bags of personality without sacrificing any of forward and plush fruits you want from garnacha. Great stuff!

    At home we have three cracking 100% grenache all with something a little fun or a little different. The first is the Koerner Canonnau (Sardinian for grenache) and is a modern take and a pleasant surprise. They call this canonnau due to its more savoury edge and slight bite. The Koerner brothers are putting out amazing wines and this is one of the winners in the range.

    The Riley Harrison represents the new wave of young Aussie's turning out lithe and elegant grenache. Made in a pure and forward style this the cooler side of Barossa grenache both in style and in form. Hip with a great label but bags of flavour that hasn't been souped up with oak or over-extracted.

    And to finish the Yangarra represents the best of the old school but with an understanding of modern tastes. This comes off old vine material and you can see it in the concentration and richness. The concentrated grapes from old vines throw a little more structure in to the mix but the depth of fruit handles it with ease. A touch of oak slinks around in the background and helps frame the concentrated fruit.
    $232.00 Regular Price $278.00
  15. Riorret Lusatia Park Vineyard Chardonnay 2017
    Riorret Lusatia Park Vineyard Chardonnay 2017
    Lusatia Park is in the Upper Yarra, and the cooler climate - coupled with the modest alcohol - led to the decision to take the wine through mlf. It certainly hasn't stripped the elegance or fresh, juicy/limey acidity of this lovely chardonnay. The Yarra Valley length of flavour is on full display, oak (obviously) simply a means to an end. JAMES HALLIDAY, winecompanion.com
    Special Price $40.00 Regular Price $49.00 As low as $33.00
  16. Bordelet Sample 6 Pack
    Bordelet Sample 6 Pack
    We're offering four of our favourites from the master of cider Eric Bordelet. Based in Normandy, France Eric works with over 40 varieties of biodynamically farmed apples and pears. Included in this pack are his Sydre Argelette (savoury apple cider), Poire Granit (off-dry pear cider - 5% alc), Pomme Perlant (sparkling apple juice 0% alc) and his rare release 2010 Mistelle de Poires.
    $285.00 Regular Price $342.00
  17. PWS Negroni at Home
    PWS Negroni at Home
    The Negroni has made its way into the hearts and minds of Australians everywhere and Four Pillars has taken it to the next level with their Negroni Spiced Gin. This is the first Negroni specific gin created on the market and is infused with things like cubeb, ginger, grains of paradise, pepper-berry, lemon myrtle and so much more.

    For the vermouth a little Cocchi Americano Rosa adds a lighter touch and elegant lift to the already punchy gin base and what else but Campari could go in next to round out this perfect pre-dinner drink!

    All packs come with a recipe card. Garnish not included.
    $185.00 Regular Price $207.00
  18. PWS Martini's at Home
    PWS Martini's at Home
    There is a slight twist on this world-famous cocktail with the addition of some Reagan's bitters to jazz up this classic. If you have never tried this then trust us, you will never look back.

    Of course, it has to be Martin Millers Westbourne because, well, you know, it's just better and it's hard to go past Dollin Dry Vermouth from Chamberay for it's bright, fresh aromas and bitter/sweet cut.
    A twist of lemon and you are set. Voila!

    All packs come with a recipe card. Garnish not included.
    $149.00 Regular Price $166.00
  19. Querciabella Camartina 2017
    Querciabella Camartina 2017
    70%Cab. Sav. 30% Sangiovese.The 2017 Camartina is going to need a few years to open. That will be helpful as the wine ages, but it also means the Camartina does not have the opulence readers are likely to expect in this warm, dry year. Time in the glass brings out brighter tonalities of fruit and floral overtones that give a good idea to where the 2017 is heading. Readers should be in no rush here. ANTONIO GALLONI, vinous.com
    Cabernet Sauvignon, sangiovese
    Special Price $187.00 Regular Price $375.00
  20. Rizzi Barbera d'Alba 2020
    Rizzi Barbera d'Alba 2020

    Ripe, plummy fruits leap from the glass followed up by violets, dried rose, gravel and something that reminds me of the perfect Sunday lamb roast. Yum. This is unctuous, round and ripe at first but just when it's needed that tart Barbera acidity comes to the rescue, freshening the palate and propelling the wine forward revealing a lovely mineral tingle and foundation of ripe tannin in its wake. This is very appealing and even more so when you see the price tag. ALEX DOBSON

    Special Price $34.00 Regular Price $41.00
  21. Belgrave 2009
    Belgrave 2009

    5ème Cru Classé
    The 2009 Belgrave has a ripe red cherry, kirsch scented bouquet with hints of raisin and fig. It is just flirting with over-ripeness...but not over-ripe! The palate is medium-bodied with candied red fruit, a little chewy in texture and perhaps needing more mineralité on the finish. Yet, there is fine density and decent precision on the finish. Maybe give this another couple of years in bottle. Tasted at BI Wines & Spirits' Ten Year On tasting. Neal Martin 90


    Cabernet Blends
    Special Price $128.00 Regular Price $150.00
  22. Billecart Salmon Cuvee Nicolas Francois 2002
    Billecart Salmon Cuvee Nicolas Francois 2002
    A mesmerizing, thrilling Champagne, the 2002 Cuvée Nicolas François Billecart is a great example of the vintage at its best. Silky and racy on the palate, yet a bit more restrained than many wines of the year, the Nicolas François Billecart remains vivid and remarkably nuanced. Brioche. apricot jam, wild flowers and honey are some of the many notes that blossom as the Cuvée Nicolas François Billecart shows off its voluptuous personality. The 2002 is 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay. (97) ANTONIO GALLONI

    This has a super-composed nose with gently spiced pastry and bright strawberry and cherry fruits, as well as some spiced brulée custard and praline. There's a lot of deep-set complexity here. The palate has a bright, crunchy, and assertive burst of peach and lemon flavor on entry, while the pinot takes the mid-palate with fleshy white cherries and smooth phenolics that hold through to the finish with gently nutty mushroom and cherry-pip flavors to close. Great balance and power. Drink now through to 2025+. This vintage is a 60/40 split between pinot noir and chardonnay. JAMES SUCKLING
    Special Price $395.00 Regular Price $465.00
  23. Amen Break Cabernet Franc 2021
    Amen Break Cabernet Franc 2021
    We've featured the wines of under the Amen Break label a lot here and there is a reason why - they rock. Hailing from a small village in east of Australia called New Zealand the Clonal Brothers are Matt and Steve Harrop and together they are a lethal winemaking combination. One of the most sampled drum patterns music nerds will recognise this as a 6- to 7-second (4-bar) drum solo performed by Gregory Sylvester "G. C.". Coleman in the song "Amen, Brother" performed by the 1960s funk and soul outfit The Winstons.

    There's certainly a bustle in the hedgerow here, with blackberry, black raspberry, leaf, dried roses and pencils. Medium-bodied, cool acidity, a distinctly 'mineral' feel, intense small berried dark fruit, graphite tannin, a little sundried tomato and raspberry pip, and a spicy and gently bitter amaro/sappy finish of excellent length. Tight and crunchy, and very good to drink. I like it a lot. (93+) GARY WALSH, winefront.com

    Cabernet Franc, Pinot noir
    Special Price $27.00 Regular Price $30.00 As low as $25.00
  24. Telmo Rodriguez Lanzaga 2018
    Telmo Rodriguez Lanzaga 2018
    This is so beautifully balanced with bright fruit, creamy and crunchy acidity and delicate tannins. Full and compressed with very polished tannins that go on for minutes. From organically grown grapes. Drink or hold. JAMES SUCKLING

    Lanzaga a village wine, combining 35 plots, handled separately and blended after selection. Aged a year or so: half the wine matures in relatively neutral 1500-2000 litre wood; the rest in a mix of 225 and 600 litre barrels (at most 10% new oak).
    Special Price $76.00 Regular Price $89.00
  25. August Premium Six Pack 2022 - Premium Pinot's
    August Premium Six Pack 2022 - Premium Pinot's

    We know you love pinot and we have put together a brilliant little pack from Australia, New Zealand and even Burgundy.

    These are some our favourite producers all in this one great box with a great showing of local legends from the Mornington and Yarra Valley as well as one of New Zealand's benchmarks bottlings. Round that out with a couple of soft and supple, ready-to-go Burgundies and this is the perfect pack to take a dip into.

    Australia represents strong in this months pack. From the Mornington Peninsula two heroes of the region are on show with the Kooyong Estate pinot noir 2019 and the latest release of the Yabby Lake Single pinot noir 2021. The Kooyong was a hit when last we tried and was one of the better estate releases from Kooyong with wonderful energy and sumptuous fruit while the Yabby is on fire! A brilliant bottling here with vibrant red fruits and subtle complexity that goes and goes.

    Up to the Yarra Valley and we have the ever-consistent Oakridge wines. A combo of stellar vineyards with the Willow Lake and one of Australia's greats, Dave Bicknell. A one-two combo of concentrated sweet fruits, fine tannins and layers of complexity that unfurl slowly over time in bottle or in the glass. He can do wrong!

    Over the ditch, to New Zealand we have the countries benchmark bottling with Ata Rangi 2019. We always wonder how this wine can get better but the team at Ata seems to take it up a notch every year. The 2019 has all the depth of fruit you expect but with a little extra lift and vibe. Normally we would say wait a bit for this wine but in half bottle this baby is hitting a sweet spot you just don't want to miss out.

    To close we have two wonderful Burgundies. The first is another PWS favourite in the Phillipe Collotte Marsannay. This satellite village is now hot property as prices soar in Burgundy proper but you might have trouble getting in now as Collotte have snapped up a lot of the great terroir. There Tete a Tete is all you could want with lithe tannins etched into a core of sweet fruit and savoury spice.

    The Tollot Beaut is a blend of three cuvees from three sides of the village and is a forward and generously styled pinot. All the mellow fruit of this southern appellation with foresty notes and supple spice it's a spot-on example of great Burgundy from this somewhat overlooked appellation.

    $222.00 Regular Price $262.00
  26. Gianfranco Alessandria Barbera d'Alba Vittoria 2019
    Gianfranco Alessandria Barbera d'Alba Vittoria 2019
    Showing more oak rendering and depth, the 2019 Barbera d'Alba Vittoria (with 4,500 bottles made) exhibits a much bigger and broader style compared to the estate's steel-aged Barbera. This wine sees 18 months in barrique, with about one-third new oak. The aging process serves to flesh out the dark fruit, dark cherry and plum. It creates a wine of bigger structure too, opening it up to more food-pairing possibilities, from meat lasagna to grilled steak. MONICA LARNER
    Special Price $63.00 Regular Price $75.00
  27. Chapelle de Blagny Meursault-Blagny 1er Cru Sous le Dos d'Ane 2020
    Chapelle de Blagny Meursault-Blagny 1er Cru Sous le Dos d'Ane 2020
    This is an exquisite Pinot Noir with a name very few would ever have heard of unless, of course, they put two and two together with the Meursaults, and the like, above.  This is, without doubt, the finest Blangy Rouge I have ever tasted.  This was blamed on their setting, high on the Côte and yet this should have been a plus and not a minus point for these wines. Maybe they were just left behind in favour of more famous and familiar Volnays and Pommards.  Well, this wine alone will set the record straight for this hamlet and for the future.  As the world warms up, sites like this will no doubt be highly prized, and in 2020, the vintage played into its hands.  This is one of the most expressive and downright delicious wines I have tasted in this entire campaign.  It is deeply fruited, not heavy, but intense and completely refreshing and magical on the finish.  I have awarded an extra half-point to this wine on this occasion because I want it to sit on a rare list in 2020.  Perhaps wine lovers far and wide will read about its glory and have the chance to taste just how epic Blagny can be. 19+ MATTHEW DUKES
    Special Price $280.00 Regular Price $330.00
  28. Ester Mandarin Gimlet 700ml
    Ester Mandarin Gimlet 700ml

    The first rule of Ester: charismatic flavour, and lots of it. The second rule is balance: no one component steals the show. Clark and Kovner bring a chef’s mentality to fine-tune the scale between big flavour and textural elements.

    Mandarin! What a star.

    Ester Dry, and the Marrickville distillery’s own mandarin cordial, made using whole mandarin shrub including the skin, acid and sugar for balance. Essentially, this is a Gimlet ready to go, and so is designed to be served straight-up (at about -10 degrees), but the Ester team tell us this also works well served long with soda or Prosecco. We're definitely up for that, but it's so delicious, we're thinking it would be dangerous!

    Special Price $85.00 Regular Price $95.00
  29. Bereche & Fils Brut Reserve NV
    Bereche & Fils Brut Reserve NV
    The NV Brut Réserve is bright and finely sculpted right out of the glass. There's terrific purity and energy running through the Brut Réserve. Crushed red berry fruit, white pepper, crushed rocks and mint all race out of the glass. This release is based on 2020, with a good bit of reserve wine (35%) that serves to create terrific balance. The 5.5 grams of dosage is not at all felt. ANTONIO GALLONI, Vinous.com
    Special Price $136.00 Regular Price $160.00 As low as $129.00
  30. Correggia Roero Nebbiolo 2020
    Correggia Roero Nebbiolo 2020
    It's beautifully perfumed, floral with bright red fruits and woodsy spice. There's a wonderful succulence to the palate with dark red fruits, cola and a touch of camphor. It's silky and supple with feathery tannins appearing just at the right time to pull everything back into line. The beauty of nebbiolo married with the exuberance of Roero. ALEX DOBSON, PWS
    Special Price $37.00 Regular Price $44.00
  31. February Premium Six Pack 2023 - Super Summer Reds
    February Premium Six Pack 2023 - Super Summer Reds

    Three times a charm and this third pack will charm your socks off!

    Only a few simple rules here for this little fella. They have to be tasty-as of course, that's always no. 1. They have to be choc full of bright, juicy fruit. They have to be light on their feet but definitely not simple and they have to deliver freshness, crunch, and plenty of pep - simple!

    Well...nailed it! Look at that line-up. Some really cool gear in there and like the whites, it's a stellar combo of classics and off-the-beaten-track gold we found in them hills. So much to love and and plenty to keep you coming back for more.

    Shadowfax Little Hampton Pinot Noir 2021

    Shadowfax has taken tremendous strides in recent times, with the team refining the range and proving their prowess with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. With long-serving vineyard manager and assistant winemaker Alister Timms taking the helm in October 2017, these are hugely exciting times for Shadowfax and these wines are better then ever.

    The aromatics of this Little Hampton Pinot Noir is seductive and engaging. Floral citrus blossom and rose petal waft from the glass, bolstered by blueberries and dark cherry fruits. Further complexities reveal themselves, such as cardamom and sandalwood spice. Mineral aspects including gunpowder and graphite provide intrigue. Given time in the glass the Little Hampton’s signature aromatics intensify and seduce the drinker gracefully.

    Blue and black fruit fall immediately onto the palate. Complexed with sandalwood, bramble and some white pepper spice. A focused and mineral core has drive, vibrancy and poise. Fine and lacey tannins frame the complex cardamom spice and subtle fruits. The wine has energy and lift that can only been seen in high altitude, cool climate Pinot Noir. This Little Hampton Pinot noir is uncompromising in its purity and identity.

    Stephane Aviron Beaujolais Morgon Cote du Py 2021

    Old vines, fermented traditionally (no carbonic) and aged in a bunch of old wood. It's pure, energetic and unbelievably slippery. 

    Lifted black and red cherry fruit, dark raspberry, mixed ground spice and a pretty lilt to the nose. It at first seems like a combo of the Brouilly and Villages with a lovely mix of dark and light. The palate is snappy and fresh, etched with fine-boned tannin a wonderful and incisive mineral spike. Lots of energy here and a nice burst of mineral fruit at the end that carries the palate along. Great looking Morgon with a fresh, mineral-driven edge.

    Hentley Farm Old Legend Grenache 2021

    Trophy – Best Young Red Wine of Show ( the Jimmy Watson )
    Trophy – Best Grenache of Show
    Royal Melbourne Wine Awards 2022

    Telmo Rodriguez Valbuxan Mencia Blend 2019

    I tasted again the 2019 Lg. Valbuxan, the new red from Valdeorras named after Lugar de Valbuxan, a place in O Bolo. The wine is aromatic, expressive and with red fruit and notes of wild herbs, juicy and light, with freshness and energy, a young wine. It's very drinkable now. 6,703 bottles produced. It was bottled in May 2021.

    Telmo Rodríguez and Pablo Eguzkiza have fermented their 2021s from Galicia in the new winery in Valdeorras, Ribera del Duero. It is still a work in progress, and there will be new stuff from Rioja in a few more years. The main wines across the portfolio feel very consolidated now. LUIS GUITIERREZ, Robert Parker

    Ronchi di Cialla Schioppettino- RiNera DOC 2019

    Musky black currants, smoky crushed stone, wild herbs and hints of pepper create an inviting bouquet as the 2019 Schioppettino RiNera opens in the glass. This is silky yet finessed, with saline-infused acidity and tart wild berry fruits that cascade across the palate. It tapers off spicy and fresh, only lightly structured, and leaves sour blackberries and hints of citrus through the finale. This is a fresh expression of Schioppettino from Ronchi di Cialla which is refined completely in stainless steel after a two-week maceration on the skins. ERIC GUIDO, www.vinousmedia.com

    Prieler Johanneshöhe Blaufränkisch 2019

    The Prieler estate, in Schützen on the western side of the Lake Neusiedl, is a historic old farm, once dedicated to many types of agriculture but now specializing in grape growing. Two generations of the Prieler family now run the estate: Engelbert and Irmgard, who in 1972 focused the estate on quality production of several grape varieties, mainly blaufränkisch and Burgundian varieties. Their son, Georg, now heads the estate and continues working to best express the unique terroir of the Leithagebirge.

    Freshness and elegance on show here rather than power and structure. Currant and cranberry fruit flecked with dark cherry and raspberry throughout. Some ground coffee and pepper spice intrigue. The palate is silky, fresh and playful with  crystalline acidity, supple tannins and a lingering sour cherry aroma on the aromatic close. Such a great example and really makes you wonder why we don't drink more here.

    Special Price $310.00 Regular Price $393.00
  32. Dicey Bannockburn Pinot Noir 2020
    Dicey Bannockburn Pinot Noir 2020

    Softer and more fragrant than most Bannockburn pinot noir from this vintage. Medium-bodied with cherry, berry, fresh herbs, struck-flint and spicy oak flavours. An appealing wine made with a light touch. BOB CAMPBELL, The Real Review

    Forward in its appeal, this highly attractive red was grown at two sites and matured for a year in oak barrels (21% new).  Ruby hued, with a hint of development, it is mouthfilling and supple, with generous, ripe cherry, herb and spice flavours, showing considerable complexity, and a harmonious, well-rounded finish. WINESTATE

    This is a spicy and sensual pinot with savory aromas of truffles, ash, grilled herbs, plums, bluebells and cloves. Supple and well-integrated, with a medium to full body and rich array of dark fruit and spice. Sustainable. Drink or hold. JAMES SUCKLING

    Pinot noir
    New Zealand
    Special Price $43.00 Regular Price $51.00
  33. Dry River Pinot Noir 2020
    Dry River Pinot Noir 2020
    A powerful and seductive bouquet with a core of pinosity then aromas of dark red berries, mineral soil, a fine savoury, dried herb quality and youthful energy. Toasty barrel and dark spices of oak are noticeable, but not misplaced. Fantastic on the palate with a core of youthful energy, baking spices and dark berry fruit flavours, firm tannins and plenty of acidity. The heartbeat of pinosity is strong, holding my attention. A lovely wine that should be locked away in your cellar till 2024 then taste again. Best drinking likely from 2025 through 2040. CAMERON DOUGLAS MS

    Spice, dried roses, a pleasing earthy bass, bright cherry and cranberry fruit. It's medium-bodied, firm and bright, with a distinct 'mineral' crunch and freshness, spicy too, earth and floral notes mingling to great effect. Almost that sort of bloody character you get in Pommard (apologies for the reference, in a way), and a long crisp finish that offers a pleasant amount of orange peel bitterness. Beautiful wine... GARY WALSH, winefront.com
    Pinot noir
    New Zealand
    Special Price $144.00 Regular Price $170.00
  34. March Premium Six-Pack - Italy: North by Northeast
    March Premium Six-Pack - Italy: North by Northeast

    Peter Zemmer Pinot Bianco 2020

    The Peter Zemmer 2019 Alto Adige Pinot Bianco (with 25,000 bottles made) opens to delicate but steady intensity, blossoming in slow motion before the senses. It shows classic varietal tones of quince, pear, white peach and tangy citrus that is carefully measured against those more neutral fruit flavors. A pretty mineral signature gives the wine linearity and a brilliant sense of clarity. Alto Adige Pinot Bianco is one of the great white wines of Italy, and it shows even at this extremely affordable price point. MONICA LARNER, The Wine Advocate

    Les Cretes Mon Blanc Valle d'Aosta 2021

    We were umming and oohing the whole time when trying this wine. Something really unique and special from the hills of the Vale de Osta. A refreshing blend of native varieties Petite Arvine, Prié Blanc and Müller-Thurgau, with Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay.

    The interplay of ripe, sometimes tropical sometimes citrus infused fruit is so lovely. High-tone white florals amble through and weave themselves among the fruit.  A seam of quartzy minerality pulls this together tightly allowing the fleshy and sun drenched fruit salad of flavour to shine. It's pure and crystalline but has a lovely gentle and giving warmth at the same time. It really is a sublime combo of vivid flavours, shimmering minerality and mellow white and golden fruits. Delicious

    Correggia Roero Arneis 2021 (Screwcap)

    The Correggia family are a small yet formidable force in the sandy soils of Roero, just west of the Tanaro River in Piedmont. After the tragic death of her husband, Ornella with help from friends propelled the wines of Matteo Correggia to even greater heights. She is now flanked by her children Giovanni and Brigitta and the wines have never looked better.
    Fragrant aromas of white flowers, citrus and pear on the nose lead into a finely textured palate. Hints of sweet almond arise. Its fresh and tingly finish with a fine phenolic chew carrying the orchard fruits into a long gentle close.

    Elio Ottin Fumin 2019

    Elio Ottin is the rising star of Valle d'Aosta, the smallest of Italy's regions located in the Alps bordering France and Switzerland. Until 2007 Elio, a passionate farmer, was selling his fruit to the local cooperative, which is common in these parts due to the small land holdings and the intense labour required to work the terraced hillsides.

    Fumin is a native Valdostan variety, first recorded in 1711. It is widely grown in the upper and central parts of the valley and thrives in the cold climate. Elio dries his Fumin for one week before the wine is fermented and the grapes aren't pressed into cask for ageing until the end of January. Full bodied with intense fruit aromas of marasca cherry, blackberries and blackcurrants with hints of spice, chocolate and cigar box.

    Sandro Fay Valtellina Superiore 'Costa Bassa' 2019

    We love these Alpine nebbiolo's a lot and Sandro Fay produce some of the finest in the region. The giddy heights lend a lovely lilting and lifted aromatic and fruit profile that is so appealing.

    Here rose and alpine herbs meld with red currant and lucious cherry fruits with hints of young balsamic and licorice notes that entice you in. It has a resinous texture that draws out the cherry and licorice long across the palate. Mid-weight and full of energy with plenty of snappy goodness. The fine tannins string-up the vibrant fruit beautifully. It feels so light on its feet but packed with plenty of juicy fruit. What a great intro to the wines of Valtelina.

    La Dama Vini Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ca Besi 2019

    A wine that originated from where the Valpolicella tadition of drying grapes and the freshness and fragrance of grapes pressed during harvest are combined. This gives birth to a wine of great concentration and elegance, where the freshness suprises when countered by the dark, sweet fruits and long persistent palate.

    This skirts such a lovely middle-ground and the lighter, fresher style we see from La Dama is given a little oomph and lick of pizzaz that is hard not to love. Pepper and camphor on the nose with dark roasted ground spice and a Campari like citrus flourish. It belies what comes after which seems so pretty and energetic but matched with some lovey dark, broody fruit that swims around a concentrated but focused core. It comes off subtle and persistent and ultimately so readily appealing. A very cool drop! 

    Special Price $250.00 Regular Price $311.00
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