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  1. Cocchi Americano Bianco Aperitivo (750ml)
    Cocchi Americano Bianco Aperitivo (750ml)

    Cocchi Americano means much more to Asti than a simple wine made with the infusion of herbs and spices. An aperitif par excellence. Cocchi's is widely regarded as the original Aperitivo Americano, and has been made continuously since 1891 using only natural ingredients. To aromatise the white wine a secret blend of herbs and spices, to name a few, gentian,  cinchona and bitter orange peels, are added to the wine base which is then steeped over a period of time.

    In recent years Cocchi Americano has become a cult product in the circle of best sommelier and bartenders of the world. The complexity of this product is the first thing that surprises you. On the nose you initially detect notes of orange zest, orange flower and elderflower before more mature aromas of baked apple and pear drops emerge. Your palate will immediately appreciate the bitter/sweet balance as more bitter notes mingle with honey and citrus flavors, mainly orange and lemon zest. More wine-like characteristics become evident as the flavors develop into a long, vibrant finish, with the bitter and sweet notes remaining fresh until the end.
    Serve chilled with ice, a twist of orange peel and a splash of soda.

  2. Cocchi Americano Rosa Aperitivo (750ml)
    Cocchi Americano Rosa Aperitivo (750ml)

    Throughout its history, the house of Cocchi has periodically produced alternative varieties of its Americano aperitif wine.  Here the wine base is a blend of two aromatic varietals such as Brachetto and Malvasia famous for imparting notes of wild rose and summer berries. These are blended with herbs, fruit and spices, most notably gentian, cinchona and citrus like for the Bianco classic version, but with an extra addition of Ginger and rose petals. Enjoy with soda or tonic and a zest of grapefruit. A Royale sumptuous edition can be made topping it with Sparkling Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG.

  3. Lillet Blanc (750ml)
    Lillet Blanc (750ml)
    Made since the 1800s, Lillet (pronounced lee-lay) from the French village of Podensac is a French aperitif traditionally served over ice with a slice of orange. Lillet Blanc is made from white wine and the drier Lillet Rouge is made from red wine, sourced from premier vineyards in Bordeaux. Lillet Blanc is the key ingredient in James Bond's 'the Vesper', the drink created in Ian Fleming's Casino Royale. PWS
  4. PWS Negroni at Home
    PWS Negroni at Home
    The Negroni has made its way into the hearts and minds of Australians everywhere and Four Pillars has taken it to the next level with their Negroni Spiced Gin. This is the first Negroni specific gin created on the market and is infused with things like cubeb, ginger, grains of paradise, pepper-berry, lemon myrtle and so much more.

    For the vermouth a little Cocchi Americano Rosa adds a lighter touch and elegant lift to the already punchy gin base and what else but Campari could go in next to round out this perfect pre-dinner drink!

    All packs come with a recipe card. Garnish not included.
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