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December Party Pack 2023 - Spirits of Christmas Pack

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    This is a little bonus pack this year and what not!? It's been another tough one and we want to make sure you make the most of the end of year's shenanigans. The weather is warming up, we're getting together to celebrate with friends and family and a little time off is coming our way.

    So, to get in the mood we have put together a little emergency party pack to get you in the spirit - pun intended. 

    First, we have included the ingredients to make the perfect summer spritz with a bottle of Canonita Mallorca Orange Apertivo and a bottle of Alpino prosecco. We don't care what ratio you are pouring these in but plenty of ice, a dash of soda and this will have you ready to rock-n-roll

    The pack also includes one of the finest gins on the market from Copper Rivert Distillery. This perfectly poised gin goes great with soda or tonic or try it with a dash Doline Dry vermouth for spot-on dry Martini.

    Alpino Prosecco NV

    Who is Alpino? Who cares! Because this is cracking!

    It's a juicy, fresh Prosecco from the cold upper reaches of the alps of the King Valley, Victoria and it delivers everything you could want in a super smart package. A touch of spearmint on the nose, crisp green apple and a hint of fresh sliced tree fruits. The palate opens with a hit of sherbet flavours that are driven through by a bright, creamy and crackling fizz. This is going go down as easy on its own as it would in a spritz. A real crowd pleaser here.

    Canonita - Aperitivo de Mallorca

    Canonita! What is it? Think Aperol but better. Ok. Bold statement but this stuff is absolutely delicious. It's made from the best organic Canoneta oranges from Mallorca's Sóller Valley.

    The Valley is located on Mallorca's northwest coast and sheltered by the Tramuntana mountains is a magic place. Thanks to its unique terroir it is the centre of citrus cultivation in Mallorca for over  a  1000 years and the valley is theoriginal home of the highly aromatic Canoneta orange, considered the "queen of oranges".

    Carefully crafted by Antonio Nadal, Mallorca's oldest and most renown distillery, the Canoneta essence is blended with white wine and refined with a secret selection of herbs from our beautiful island.

    Its beautifully fragrant with fresh crushed orange, citrus peel, delicate sweet floral notes and a gentle bitterness of fresh cut herbs. This is perfect as a spritz or even with tonic but honestly we would happily drink it with ice and a dash soda as an apertif all summer long.

    Copper Rivet Dockyard Gin 500ml 41.2% alc

    Distilled using locally grown barley and Kentish water, this is as fresh and bright as a sunny spring day in the countryside. Elegant and refined gin, with a lovely, half floral, half herbal lift. I tasted it before learning what botanicals had been used in its production, and suspect its fragrant quality comes from the local elderflowers. MAX ALLEN

    Ingredients: Italian Juniper berries, locally sourced elderflower, Bulgarian Coriander seeds, Spanish orange peel, Italian lemon peel, Guatemala green cardamom, grains of paradise from Africa, European Angelica root and Orris root, our own neutral grain spirit and Kentish chalk filtered water.